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Academic Partnerships

Blending science with business insights


Combining scientific research with practical experience to obtain trustworthy expertise and improve our services. That’s what our strategic partnerships with Antwerp Management School (AMS) and Vlerick Business School are all about. Together, we aim to be at the forefront of new ways of working and living.

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SD Worx and AMS celebrate 10th anniversary

Our common mission in a nutshell: based on scientifically underpinned insights, we offer innovative, creative and sustainable solutions for employers, HR professionals and policy makers. After 10 years, the outcomes include international academic papers, spot-on consulting, HR policy tools and many research projects.

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SD Worx Chair in Sustainable Careers

The AMS – SD Worx tandem has resulted in the creation of the SD Worx Chair in Sustainable Careers. Our goal is to set up a policy that contributes to company results and facilitates sustainable staff employability, based on longitudinal research among organisations and employees. Ans De Vos is professor of the Chair.

SD Worx and Vlerick go digital

In 2021, both parties joined forces to give HR digitalisation a boost. The main focus of this partnership is to conduct research into digital ecosystems and channels as well as the potential of different platform models connecting employers with employees. A multidisciplinary research team will lead the initiative in Europe and the United States.

Next-gen platform to be launched in 2022

One of the concrete objectives of the SD Worx – Vlerick Business School partnership is to create a digital ecosystem about the world of work and beyond. SD Worx plans to go further than HR and payroll, and will set up a platform on which other external providers can also offer their services – a European first.