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Mensens op een podium

We promise to be a spark, to truly understand your goals and help you thrive. Always going beyond, and keeping you ahead of the game. We can only do that with excellent solutions.

Mensens op een podium

Acknowledges SD Worx in the 2021 Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions, the 2020 Market Guide for Workforce management and the 2020 Market Guide for Retail Workforce management. They have positioned SD Worx in the Leaders quadrant for Payroll Business Process Outsourcing Services, since 2015.


Identifies SD Worx as a Leader in its 2021 NEAT vendor evaluation for Payroll Services and for Workforce management and in its 2020 NEAT vendor evaluation for Cloud-based HR transformation.


SD Worx is a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Multicountry Payroll Outsourcing PEAK Matrix 2020, and a Major Contender in their Multi Process HR Outsourcing PEAK Matrix 2020.


Quadrant recognizes SD Worx as a Technology Leader in Multi Country Payroll Market 2020


The SD Worx attestations for data protection

Our ISAE 3000 attestation proves that our security and privacy management system is in line with GDPR.