Sustainable entrepreneurship at SD Worx

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

For many years now, social commitment, good governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been at the core of SD Worx. As an international people solutions provider, we recognise that businesses and the way they operate have a considerable impact on individual people and society as a whole.

At SD Worx, we believe that great power lies in collaborating with employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders on social, environmental, ethical and customer concerns. Doing so enables a company to maximise the creation of shared value for every one of those stakeholders and our larger society, and to minimise possible negative impacts.

We treat our stakeholders correctly and respectfully. In addition, we are structurally shouldering many projects both at home and abroad because we seek to give back to our society. We feel lucky that our CSR ambitions live throughout our organisation: our employees strongly support our CSR initiatives and even take personal responsibility for them. This intense commitment makes us very proud and happy. We therefore do everything in our power to appreciate, stimulate and actively back up their actions and proposals.

But don’t take our word for it, judge us by our actions. Our internal and external communication lines are open, as evidenced by this CSR report. Discover how we have embedded CSR into our daily way of working.

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