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Global solutions

Global solutions

Supporting your international payroll & administration to ensure efficiency and accuracy across countries

SD Worx can help you to harmonize the entire management of your international employment. Whether it concerns small branch offices or large staffing numbers

covering  +90 countries
local solutions

Local Solutions

Strong local solutions in our home countries

Our local experts offer you services of the highest order. They put your needs and those of your people first. Discover here our country-specific offering:

over 70 years local experience
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If you have a passion for HR, IT and Payroll Services, then we can promise you one thing: you’ll never get stuck in a rut at SD Worx. What we do, is provide solutions that bring out the very best in every employee. We do that for a diverse national, regional and international client base.

More than 4 100 colleagues

Annual report 2017 |Digital & Human

To be the most desired brand in payroll and HR services in 2021. We want to be the company everyone wants to work with and for. It’s an ambitious goal, but also a crucial one if we want to secure a long-lasting future for SD Worx.

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Could HR-tech be the answer to improving your work-life balance?

12 October 2018

In the digital world, ensuring that you have a healthy work/life balance has never been so important. How can the introduction of automation and other technologies be the answer to this? 

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Four out of ten European freelancers plan to stay freelance long-term

27 November 2018

As freelancers continue to represent an increasingly significant proportion of the workforce people are increasingly seeing this way of working as a career choice, not just a short-term, convenient option.

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