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Indigo Belgium turns HR data into valuable insights

Case Indigo

From a scattered employee data landscape to a single data platform that gives all managers instant visibility. This is SD Worx Data Insights at work.


    Mobility company Indigo Park Belgium manages 145,000 parking spaces – both on and off-street – in 65 Belgian cities, making it one of the largest car park operators in the country. What’s also scattered all over? The data of the 300 Belgian employees that form the very heart of the company.

    “From payroll data to performance data, we have a lot of data at our disposal in HR”, says Ellen Soete, HR Director at Indigo Belgium. “However, we’re not always able to make data instantly available for the different departments in our company. Making reports and analyzing the data takes a lot of time – up to 4 days a month. Moreover, it’s an error-prone activity because of the manual work that’s involved.”

    To better address this need, Indigo would need a solution in which all data is automatically loaded and processed. This was always considered next to impossible, or very expensive at least. 

      SD Worx Data Insights is the ideal solution for any company that strives for accurate daily monitoring of its employees' data and wants to transform their data into meaningful information.
      Ellen Soete , HR Director, Indigo Belgium


      As a customer of SD Worx and Protime for its payroll and time & attendance, Indigo was recently introduced to the new SD Worx Insights product that exactly covers their need. 

      With SD Worx Insights cloud taking care of the heavy lifting, using, and combining the information from the various sources became significantly more efficient (and less error prune) and enables the even more important productivity calculations

      This way, Indigo Belgium  ensures that the data already input into the systems – which had been validated and checked – also come out correctly. 
      This again opened the door to turning the data into valuable insights. 

        Benefits & impact

        • Reduced manual processing and administration
        • Increased speed of HR data reporting
        • More system links possible in the future
        • Instant visibility on all factors that influence decision-making
        • Managers get straight access to the platform and don’t have to pass through HR first
        • Full guidance by SD Worx, so no need to be a specialist in Excel, IT or Business Intelligence
        • An automated solution for fact-based insights and fast responses to the business.
          SD Worx Data Insights meant a big relief for our HR team. Suddenly, the four days we spent on reporting every month were replaced by a simple mouse click. In short, it’s the ideal solution for any company that aspires an accurate day-to-day tracking of their employee data and wishes to turn their data into actionable insights.
          Ellen Soete , HR Director, Indigo Belgium

          Ready to go from a scattered HR data landscape to a single data platform?

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