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PAREXEL international payroll considerably simplified

The more parties are involved, the more complex the partnership becomes, and the greater the margin of error will be. PAREXEL – an American contract research organisation (CRO) that conducts clinical research in the biotechnological and medical sectors worldwide – is fully aware of this.

“We operate on a global scale as one of the largest players in this market. Our position remains solid, particularly in Europe which is home to the second largest biopharmaceutical market in the world. When I started working for PAREXEL, SD Worx was only managing PAREXEL’s payroll in Germany, our largest entity within Europe.

    Less is more

    Having offices and research centres across 24 European countries meant dealing with 24 different payroll providers – a rather inefficient way of doing things. In addition, we experienced issues with compliance, and data security privacy violations on a regular basis. While data privacy is of the greatest importance in our research activities, we also want to guarantee the same level of protection of privacy for our employees.

      Weak links

      It was clear to us that we had to eliminate as many risks and weak links as possible, and that the solution would hinge on scalability. Our invitation to tender resulted in ten candidate providers. We then conducted an in-depth analysis based on a range of parameters. Some of the things we were looking for were compatibility with our global systems, and the best price-performance ratio

        Data protection as a priority

        The final decision was made on the level of protection needed for our payroll data. Only the highest security standards would do. We selected SD Worx for the payroll services in fifteen countries.

          Well-oiled and running

          As soon as we had made our final decision, the project took off. The full implementation of SD Worx in those fifteen countries only took one year to complete, from August 2013 to June 2014 – well within the agreed time frame. Another major aspect: the entire transition went smoothly, without any interruption.

            A satisfied customer

            To us, the benefits are clear: we were able to reduce the number of providers in Europe from 24 to only 2. Our workload for staff involved in payroll processing has been reduced, and is more clearly defined. Our payroll activities in Europe have also become more efficient. In addition, we have made significant improvements to our reporting systems, both locally and globally. This has enabled us to meet all compliance requirements stipulated by international regulations.”

              Frank Rudolf
              With fewer partners, our European payroll is lighter, clearer and more efficient. SD Worx takes a very proactive approach. Working with a partner as committed as SD Worx is a true pleasure.
              Frank Rudolf, DIRECTOR PAYROLL, PAREXEL