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3 New Year’s resolutions for HR and payroll teams in 2019

-Reading time: 5 Minutes

With the festivities over and the new year well underway, as we return to work, many may have already given up on their new year’s resolutions for 2019. However, when it comes to new year resolutions in the HR and payroll industry, there are many resolutions that HR and payroll teams should commit to which will ensure that their payroll is powerful and running efficiently throughout the year.

    1. Keeping up with compliance

    Keeping on top of new legislations and regulations both locally and globally is always a top priority for HR and payroll departments. Looking back to 2018 and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is plain to see that preparing in advance for any regulatory and operational changes is the way to minimise disruption. Adapting operations in advance of new regulations streamlines the transition and prepares employees for any new compliance procedures they need to adopt. 
    Leaving preparations to the last minute significantly increases the risk of non-compliance, which not only results in large fines but also significant brand damage and reduced trust in your organisation. However, it’s also important to be prepared for non-compliance too – what is the process if you do have a data breach? Make sure the department and organisation as a whole knows how to react, for example contacting the right authorities, notifying customers and swiftly rectifying the problem. When employees are familiar with the procedures, the potential damage can be controlled. 

      2. Embracing the automated workforce

      As we enter the new year, many still fear what the introduction of an automated workforce means for the future of work. However, embracing new technologies such as AI, machine learning and robotics will make the future of HR and payroll brighter than ever. For example, implementing automation to manage the monotonous back office tasks not only reduces the prospect of human error, but also frees up employees to focus on the more rewarding and value adding parts of their roles as the payroll department as a whole becomes more powerful. 
      AI can quickly increase the efficiency of the HR and payroll department, allowing the human workforce to do what they do best, running the monthly payroll and meeting employees face-to-face. Far from losing their job to robots, by embracing the future of work in 2019, HR and payroll professionals will enjoy their roles more as their jobs become less stressful and more fulfilling. 

        3. Improving your work/life balance

        With humans working alongside the automated workforce and jobs becoming more satisfying, HR and payroll departments can also take a step towards improving the work / life balance of the workforce – always a hot topic in the industry. With technology managing the time consuming and distracting admin tasks, AI can also help improve the efficiency of the organisation in a variety of other ways too. 
        For example, the SD Worx Digital Assistant improves life both in and out of the office as it manages Out of Office messages, booking holidays, arranging sick leave and even ensuring that the route you take to your meeting is the most efficient. 
        These tasks usually add up and become time consuming, but having them all in one place and managed by artificial intelligence saves time and reduces the stress of having to stay on top of your own personal admin. Minimising the time these tasks take means that the human employees can really enjoy their downtime in 2019 as the automated workforce and new technologies take some of the strain. 

        Embracing these resolutions and making them part of the day-to-day running of your department empowers the payroll within your organisation as a whole. With these three resolutions you can reduce errors, increase the efficiency of HR and payroll operations and improve job satisfaction of your employees and ultimately ensure that 2019 is a success for your team. 

        To learn more about SD Worx and its Power of Payroll campaign, download its white paper on unlocking the power of payroll here.