Corporate Social Responsibility

Same as any other business, SD Worx operates in a broad-based environment in which different people and organisations act and operate. Social involvement, good governance and corporate social responsibility are key concepts in everything SD Worx undertakes. At all times, the way we deal with staff, customers, suppliers, partners and society at large is firmly rooted in the principles of decency and fairness.

We are also keenly aware of the fact that we owe the prosperity we generate as an organisation in part to the society which we are part of. Which is why SD Worx is happy to lend structural support to a wide range of different social projects at national, European and international level.

We are proud of the fact that our members of staff too are aware that, as an organisation, we have both feet firmly planted in society. They know how much we are embedded as part of society and are happy to chip in and contribute to society as much as the company itself. So much so that the impetus for many of our CSR schemes comes from our staff. A rousing and enthusing attitude which we rate highly, encourage and actively support.

We openly communicate with the outside world about our social involvement and the commitments we undertake in this regard, in amongst other things by way of this report. Reports on a regular basis intended for the stakeholders about our performance in the area of corporate social responsibility constitute the basis of a constructive and continuous dialogue.

Download our Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016