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Give Your HR Team a Holiday with Payroll Technology

Is your HR and payroll team feeling the heat this summer? With the weather heating up, most of us want to get out and enjoy the sun or escape on a holiday. However, with more staff members out of the office, this can mean that the payroll team might be running on reduced numbers. And, typically, less team members results in a higher workload for those in the office. This is where HR and payroll technology can help, giving HR teams a well-deserved summer holiday.

3 August 2018


Finding payroll certainty in an uncertain world

The HR and payroll industry is in a constant state of change. New laws and regulations are introduced around the world, some of which—including GDPR—change the way the whole organization handles its processes and services.

26 July 2018


How to keep your payroll cool in summer months

Summer is finally here—and before long it will be over. HR and payroll teams face various challenges over the summer months, from increased staff holiday to keeping track of summer interns and flexible working.

16 July 2018


Do you know how powerful your payroll is?

Payroll data. How often do we stop and think about how important it is to a business? Although payroll is often viewed as a back-office function, it is an essential part of any organisation, and is much more than just payslips.

5 July 2018


Have you unlocked the Power of Payroll in your organisation?

The multinational payroll market is growing at an impressive rate, with the entire payroll services market expected to reach 4.8 billion by 2021. The demand for international payroll services are increasing, due to the heightened need for compliance to local laws and legislations, and a demand for more comprehensive technology. However, even though the payroll market is growing, many organisations still aren’t unlocking the power of payroll.

3 July 2018

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