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International HR

SD Worx Conference: Unleash the Flexibility of your HR

The HR and payroll industry is in constant change, with digitalisation, GDPR, and the gig economy effecting the HR and payroll department in organisations around the world. So, how can you ensure that both your HR department and employees are able to keep up with the pace of change? It’s time to unleash the flexibility of your HR.

26 April 2018


Building a Business Case for Global Payroll: Key Considerations

Payroll is a vital part of any organisation, whether it’s a local business or a multinational corporation. A simple payroll error can cause a large amount of damage, so getting it right is essential.


30 March 2018


Global payroll: Changes, challenges and considerations

With more and more employees relying on technology and flexible working than ever before, the world is becoming increasingly connected and globalised. However, with this new reliance on global working, what do HR and payroll teams need to consider when implementing payroll for multinational companies?

7 March 2018

International HR

End of the payroll year: How technology can help you prepare

The end of the payroll year is typically a very stressful time for payroll teams. With an extensive amount of tasks to be completed within tight deadlines, any mistakes can be costly.

However, the end of year process can be drastically simplified by engaging with tailored payroll software. This technology can be utilised to assist payroll professionals throughout the year, but how can it help payroll teams in April each year?

27 February 2018


Predicting the future of payroll

Technological advancements are helping to turn a vision of digitally accessible, automated payroll processes into reality. Here’s five predictions for the future of payroll:

5 December 2017

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