A Day in the Life of… Thierry Vanbever

2 August 2017

In this blog series, we catch up with members of the GSS SD Worx senior management team to find out a little bit about them, including what they do at work each day and why. These Q&A style blogs will reveal personality and insight of some of our core team: the people who help to make SD Worx great!

Our next member of the leadership team is: Thierry Vanbever, Managing Director International.

1. Describe your average day in the office at SD Worx
Funnily enough, there is no ‘average day’! My role requires a lot of travelling and meetings, which can take place anywhere. I often visit Europe, or I might travel to our excellence center in Mauritius, or I could be visiting our PSA members such as Ceridian in USA, Ascender in Asia, or F2A, Seresco, Aditro etc. in Europe and any other regions/markets for potential growth – travelling is my job and I enjoy it.

We are building, creating and changing so many different things in the business (which is exciting): a 24 hours’ performance window isn’t enough. We are constantly working towards meeting organisational expectation and market demands, which can be challenging but overall there is great opportunity for SD Worx to keep growing.

2. What is your favourite thing about working for SD Worx?
I have been working within SD Worx for quite a while now and one of the things that has always impressed me is the people. Even though the company has evolved since 1945 in terms of vision, mission and structure, year on year there are new challenges, and new achievements are made, however the foundation is kept intact – SD Worx is a people company and we have built our success on this principal. Our values across the board reflect this mindset.

3. What is the focus of your role?
As International Director, my focus is mainly to provide, elaborate and deliver strategic decisions for the interest and sustainability of business in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. SD Worx is now a global brand, delivering services worldwide and our positioning, unification and harmonisation are paramount - the synergy seen so far is outstanding and I am looking forward to the years to come as the company grows and becomes an increasingly global player in the payroll field.

4. What is the main purpose of your work?
SD Worx has offices in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherland and Mauritius – a great scope which needs full attention with strong, substantial plans. The purpose of my role is essentially to ensure that while SD Worx is a leading European provider with global reach, we maintain autonomy within SD Worx local countries. We operate with the attitude ‘Think globally but act locally’ which empowers us to deliver services that can address local needs and requirements.

5. What are you most passionate about in terms of your role?
I am lucky to be working in such a unique environment: the creativity, the culture, the personality, enthusiasm and ambition of the people is inspiring. The team is so diverse but linked harmoniously: we’re all working towards the same goals and objectives, which creates something special, and that energy and passion is really conveyed across the board.

6. Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I enjoy seeing the company improving and growing, the people exchanging and sharing knowledge, our product range evolving and increasing and last but not least, witnessing customer satisfaction. We have a genuine and unique opportunity to gain market share globally and make a real difference when it comes to HR and payroll.

7. How do you like to start your working day?
I live in a beautiful town located in Luxembourg: when I can I try to work from the SD Worx Luxembourg office (a lovely building full of great people). If I get the chance to do so, I start the day by saluting the team and talking to them as much as I can about various topics. I like to keep the team happy and engaged: the more you open up opportunities for dialogue and the more approachable and friendly you act, the better results you’ll get from your most important asset: your team.

8. How do you like to wind down at the end of a working day?
As a ‘globetrotter’, I don’t spend much time at home appreciating the Luxembourg lifestyle, so what I do like when I can stay home for the weekend is to enjoy quality time with my family and friends. To me there is nothing better at the end of a long and busy week to see loved ones: they are my inspiration and spending time with them recharges my batteries and provides me with energy to tackle the week ahead. I also adore listening to all sorts of music including Latino, Hip Hop, Grand-Classic, R&B, Rock and more, as I find it relaxing and entertaining.

9. What is your vision for SD Worx within your role?
To date, SD Worx combines 70+ years of expertise, has over 3,900 employees specialising in HR and payroll, delivers 4,250,000 payslips a month, has 63,000 clients across the board and a total turnover of 397 million euros. This achievement is excellent, and we need to continue on this positive trajectory for years to come. Our vision for SD Worx is obtain greater market share from the competition at a global scale and increase visibility of our brand.

10. What would you like to say to people that doesn’t know about SD Worx
SD Worx is an HR and payroll outsourcing provider around the world. Its people are its strength, its initiative is to develop its attractive products/services: its knowledge delivers great value and its trusty partners consolidate its influence.

The company is expanding from a local to an international player and it is an exc  iting time for us all: the passionate of the people is what continues to drive the business forward.