A Day in the Life of… Jan Van Mol

8 August 2017

In this blog series, we catch up with members of the SD Worx senior management team to find out a little bit about them, including what they do at work each day and why. These Q&A style blogs will reveal personality and insight of some of our core team: the people who help to make SD Worx great!

Our next member of the leadership team is: Jan Van Mol, Head of Global Alliances.

1. Describe your average day in the office at SD Worx
Every day is different, that’s a great part of it! For example, this week we had steering meetings with several members of the Payroll Services Alliance. The entire world – from Australia to Canada – is represented in these meeting, so you can imagine that these are very interesting. Certainly when you see that we all share the same drive to do business. There is seldom a day that I am just in the office, I’m traveling often. I use the hours on airports, planes or trains to call, mail or read. A couple of weeks ago I did the intro for a meeting of implementation teams of Europe and the US. The same day I had a dinner with our Mexican partner.

2. What is your favourite thing about working for SD Worx?
It is constantly changing and getting better. We keep on reinventing ourselves and be in the edge of it. It’s about being agile. When I first started, SD Worx was on its way to being an international company—we were small back then, but we were very focused on growing the organisation and we keep on doing that. We’ve grown from a Belgian provider to one of the world’s leaders - I think that’s quite fascinating.

3. What is the main focus of your role?
The main focus of my role is assuring that we are strong outside of the countries where we have our own operations. In short: assuring our global footprint and our partnerships to flourish.

4. What is the main purpose of your work?
The main purpose of my work is helping SD Worx grow as a group and to guarantee that we are a sustainable company. The other important aspect is to make and keep our clients happy, something we happily do every day.

5. What are you most passionate about in terms of your role?
The fact that we work global—not only among countries but also among regions. I am also passionate about partnerships and building a project together with other companies.

6. Why do you do what you do?
I really like what I do, and I enjoy each day at SD Worx. When I stop enjoying it, I will stop doing it. However, I like what we do as an organisation for both our customers and our partners, it’s great to work within an organisation that cares.

7. How do you like to wind down at the end of a working day?
When I am driving a car, or in a plane, I like to turn on the music really loud. Usually, I can’t remember the names of the music groups or DJ’s though, and it always depends of my current mood to what I listen to each time.

8. What is your vision for SD Worx within your role?
My vision is to further establish SD Worx as one of the global leaders in payroll, and to keep on building the leadership role together with our partners to benefit our clients by giving the best solution and supports.

9. What would you like to say to people that doesn’t know about SD Worx OR how would you describe SD Worx to people who don’t know about us?
SD Worx doesn’t pretend to be the best everywhere, but we cooperate with the best worldwide; and this is what makes us a genuine and strong organisation..