Rounding up the ‘A Day in the Life of…’ Series

15 September 2017

In this blog series, we caught up with nine members of the GSS SD Worx senior management team to find out a little bit about them, including what they do at work each day and why. These Q&A style blogs revealed personality and insight of some of our core team: the people who help to make SD Worx great!

So, if you want to learn more about the team that makes SD Worx tick, and get an awareness of the day-to-day running of an international payroll provider that aims to improve the payment process for employees around the world, take a look through the series.

The team

Members of the GSS leadership team interviewed included David Munn (General Manager, Global Payroll Services), Mike Worthington (Global Head of Solutions), Nathalie Lacroix (Global Customer Relationship Manager), Stuart Stephen (Operation Director), Thierry Vanbever (Managing Director International), Jan Van Mol (Head of Global Alliances), Eef Malu (HR Manager),Els Hanssens, (International Sales Director), and Jean-Luc Barbier, (International Managing Director and CEO Germany).

What we learnt

In each Q&A, we got to find out about each team member’s average day (which, quite often, didn’t exist!), as well as each role in terms of its focus, purpose, and the highlights of working for SD Worx.

The highlights

Here are some answers that we think sum up the vision of SD Worx:

“We are a rapidly growing global HR and payroll services company with a team that includes some of the best people in our industry. Get in touch for a chat if you want to give us a try – we’re a friendly bunch!
– David Munn

“I do what I do because, although digitalisation is increasingly everywhere, I believe that what makes the difference for our clients is the level of human contact: we sell nice technology, but in the end, what counts is the human experience beyond the machine. “
– Nathalie Lacroix

“We are here to make a difference and to listen to the market so that we can improve.”
– Mike Worthington

“The commitment and resourcefulness of our people makes such a difference, and strengthens our overall knowledge, which allow us to genuinely add value to our clients. The GSS team is still new and dispersed across Europe, but the synergy you will find in this group is simply outstanding. Wherever people are based, the passion, support and collaboration remains.”
– Stuart Stephen

The future of SD Worx

The blogs also gave us insight into the vision that the leadership team hold for the company: answers in this case often alluded to continued growth and success of the SD Worx brand. All SD Worx team members contribute to achieving this shared vision, by helping to build and drive business outcomes for SD Worx each working day.