We harmonize your international employment with flexible payroll solutions

Does your company have employees in multiple countries? If so, you are undoubtedly familiar with the web of local laws and complex regulations and the associated confusion of local payroll and HR providers. It makes acquiring strategic information very challenging, and your partner management becomes time-consuming.

SD Worx can help you to harmonize the entire management of your international employment. Whether it concerns small branch offices or large staffing numbers.

The win for you? You have a single partner who creates and delivers a flexible package tailored to your company’s requirements.

With our 3-layer approach we offer you a choice in governance, services and tools in one integrated solution. In this way, you have a solution that is adapted to your organizational needs.




Flexibility in governance, services and software

Are you looking for a best-of-breed software in each country, combined with local payroll services and an overall coordination layer? PAREXEL organized their payroll in this way, read their testimonial here.

Or is your organization locally organized, and do you want to keep this local autonomy in combination with local services but making use of a global payroll platform?

The choice is yours. We harmonize the entire management of your international employment, using solutions that are tailored to your particular situation. And this for both small branch offices or large staffing numbers.

“We are working with SD Worx for our payroll processing and handling in Europe. Their comprehensive offering combined with high level of professionalism make them a great partner to work with. Local SD Worx experts provide our HR team with outstanding customer service. In some countries, SD Worx also acts as a source of information for HR/payroll-related legal issues. Given our international footprint, it is efficient and effective to handle all payroll related issues with one single partner.”

Stefan Königs

HR Director Europe/APAC at Total Safety

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