Payroll Outsourcing: from SaaS to Comprehensive Payroll Services

It is up to you to decide how much outsourcing you require: from SaaS to Managed Payroll Services, all the way to Comprehensive Payroll Services.

You can choose a different service level for each country.




Our International Service Levels


Managed Payroll Services 

Comprehensive Payroll Services 

Even though you use our local systems, you manage your entire payroll yourself, from input to output.

We host the software, constantly maintaining its legal compliance. You can be sure wage calculation is correct as a result.

You use your local payroll software to input the data of your employees.

From that point, we take the whole process over from you, and we are responsible for the correct processing of your payroll all the way to the output.

You send your personnel data to our local offices or the Shared Service Center.

We take care of the rest: interpretation, data input, calculations, output documents for employees and management, administrative obligations to official authorities, payroll administration, etc.