The Payroll Services Alliance

Leading payroll network offering global governance with local expertise

SD Worx is a co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance, a global network of leading payroll service providers. This partner network offers a consistent cross-borders service.

Think Global, Act Local

Through the Payroll Services Alliance, you can rely on strong local expertise (local payroll services, local legislation), supplemented by coordination and integration at an international level (one contract, harmonised service levels). All the partners in the network are leading payroll services providers in their home market.

The Payroll Services Alliance covers Europe, the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.

The current partners in the Payroll Services Alliance include: SD Worx (Western Europe), Ascender (Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East), Aditro (Northern Europe), Ceridian (US and Canada), Elanor (Central and Eastern Europe), F2A (Italy), Seresco (Southern Europe) and Trianon (Switzerland). Via a network of subcontractors, the Payroll Services Alliance also delivers services in Africa and Latin America.

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