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About SD Worx

Today’s workplace is more collaborative, more flexible, more digital and more diverse than ever before. People are driven by a need for purpose and personal value in their professional lives. They decide for themselves the type of employment contract they want and how mobile they are willing to be.

Successful businesses take these evolutions in the labour market to heart and build strong relationships with their extended workforce. They know successful, engaged people drive business forward.

That is exactly what happens when there is a match between people and their job, a strong connection with the company they work for, and the right working conditions to thrive in. HR and payroll are essential to make this happen.

We understand the critical role of HR and Payroll and guide you with the ideas, expertise, services and technology you need for your organisation and the individuals who are part of it to thrive.

Facts & figures SD Worx

  • We possess almost 75 years of expertise
  • We employ 4.600 + HR professionals
  • We process 4.6 million payslips every month
  • We send out 5,500 temp workers every day
  • We serve a client base of over 68,000 +
  • We increased our revenue to €594 million in 2018

Annual Report 2018

Annual report 2018

SD Worx, a leading European provider of Payroll & HR services with global reach, achieved strong results in 2018.

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Powering society

Like every business, SD Worx operates in an environment where different people and organisations work in pursuit of their goals.

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Integrated HR services

SD Worx guides organisations in managing their new and existing workforce with a full-service package covering the areas of Staffing, Payroll, Time and Talent.

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