About SD Worx Group

Work is more fluid now, a stream of possibilities you have to harness and channel. Today’s employees want something more: Meaning. Purpose. A reason to live work well. They do not expect to be in one place forever. But they do expect to enjoy the feeling and conviction that what they do matters.

Our people solutions inspire results, matching people to the jobs they’re meant for, helping them learn and grow, rewarding them appropriately, and giving them the time and tools to focus on the work they love and came to you to do. And that makes work worth living.

We help you help them every step of the way, working with you so your people benefit fully from our solutions—driving better results for individuals, for teams, and for your bottom line. 

SD Worx powers performance through four core capabilities: technology, outsourcing, expertise, and data-driven insights. You get the means to guide, develop, and unleash high performance—and to help your people love every minute of it.

People solutions from SD Worx. For the good of your business. SD Worx. For life. For work.

Facts & figures SD Worx Group

  • We possess 75 years of expertise
  • We employ 4.600 + HR professionals
  • We serve 4 million+ employees every month
  • We send out 5,500 temp workers every day
  • We serve a client base of over 70,000
  • We increased our revenue to €768 million in 2019
About SD Worx Group

Our values

Values SD Worx

Our team

  • Kobe Verdonck
    Kobe Verdonck CEO
  • MIchael Custers
    Michael Custers CMO
  • Fabienne Lallemand
    Fabienne Lallemand Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
  • Hilde Haems
    Cathy Geerts CHRO
  • Nadine Aerts
    Nadine Aerts CFO
  • Brenda Morris
    Brenda Morris COO
  • Tom Wouters
    Tom Wouters Chief Product Officer
  • Eric Janssens VP SME
  • Tom Saeys
    Tom Saeys Chief Transformation Officer