Our Story

We spark success at the heart of your business, so you and your people can thrive.
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We spark success

This is our purpose, the value we bring to our clients:

We spark success at the heart of your business, so you and your people can thrive.

We believe people are at the heart of the success of any business. That’s why we help our clients help their people every step of the way, working with them so their people benefit fully from our solutions—driving better results for individuals, for teams, and for their bottom line.

For life. For work. People solutions for the age of fluidity.

Work is more fluid now, various employment types, flexible reward, flexible places to work, …, a stream of possibilities our clients have to harness and channel.

Today’s employees want to be in control of their careers, choose the way they work. They want Meaning. Purpose. A reason to live work well. They do not expect to be in one place forever. But they do expect to enjoy the feeling and conviction that what they do matters.

Life and work are intertwined.

That’s why our people solutions are For Life and For Work.

People solutions across the entire employee life cycle

Our people solutions inspire results, matching people to the jobs they’re meant for, helping them learn and grow, rewarding them appropriately, and giving them the time and tools to focus on the work they love and makes work worth living.

SD Worx powers performance through four core capabilities: software, outsourcing, consultancy, and data-driven insights. Our clients get the means to guide, develop, and unleash high performance—and to help their people love every minute of it.