About SD Worx Group

We know the world of work has changed. The growing ‘gig’ economy has made clear that people now view a strong work/life balance as a necessity, not simply a ‘nice to have’, and they are driven by a need for purpose and personal value in their professional lives.

SD Worx builds HR and payroll services and software for the new world of work. Our vision is to make Payroll and HR services essential to the continued success of companies and individuals in the modern workplace.

Through smart cooperation and a passion for result-driven innovation, we are powering the ambition of employers and employees with integrity – today and into the future.

Facts & figures SD Worx Group

  • We possess almost 75 years of expertise
  • We employ 4.150 + HR professionals
  • We process 4.6 million payslips every month
  • We serve a client base of over 65,000 +
  • We increased our revenue to €€467 million in 2018
About SD Worx Group

Our values

Values SD Worx

Steven Van Hoorebeke
Every person at SD Worx shares a passion for finding and delivering the very best solution for each customer, and works in close collaboration with them to ensure their success. Steven Van Hoorebeke CEO SD Worx Group

Our team

  • Suhail Khan CMO
  • Anne-Marie Cootjans Chief Corporate Services Officer
  • Hilde Haems
    Hilde Haems CHRO
  • Jeroen van Erven
    Jeroen van Erven CFO
  • Koen Depaemelaere Chief Transformation Officer
  • Henri Vanroelen
    Henri Vanroelen CIO
  • Brenda Morris
    Brenda Morris VP SD Worx UK & Ireland
  • Mark Eger VP SD Worx Germany
  • Tom Wouters
    Tom Wouters VP SD Worx Belgium
  • Jean-Luc Barbier
    Jean-Luc Barbier VP SD Worx Global Solutions
  • Eric Janssens Director SME
  • Steven Van Hoorebeke
    Steven Van Hoorebeke CEO