Looking Back at Unleash

7 November 2018 - Reading time: 2 Minutes

International HR

The SD Worx team has returned from another great annual UNLEASH conference. Over 5,000 attendees gathered at the RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre in Amsterdam – the site of the first conference seven years ago.

Talented business and HR leaders from around the world met to discuss some of the pressing and important issues in the HR industry today. This year SD Worx was proud to be an emerald sponsor of the event as well as an exhibitor.

On the second day of the conference, SD Worx customer, Bram de Pooter, Global Head of Talent & Reward Operations at UCB, spoke about the company’s journey to successful global payroll with us. With more than 7,500 employees in 40 countries, international payroll was a challenge for UCB. Initially each country had its own local payroll system which resulted in a disparate global payroll operation. UCB partnered with SD Worx in 2012, uniting this confusing local system, reducing costs and increasing efficiency of UCB’s international payroll operation.

Bram highlighted how professionals in the pharmaceutical industry want perfection. Working with SD Worx means that UCB can now provide an international payroll that caters both to the needs of employees and to the HR team. Working together, UCB and SD Worx have been able to develop a flexible model to suit the precise needs of the international organisation’s payroll operation.

We also heard from our own Director of Global Services, Bart Jonkers, as he provided a view on SD Worx’s future service management tooling for international payroll businesses. Bart took a deep dive into what customers can expect from an international payroll service provider and provided insight into how payroll services should be delivered as an end-to-end process.

To wrap up the conference, and following keynotes from Stefan Hyttfors and Esther Perel, we heard from Buddhist Monk and Author, Matthieu Ricard, who spoke of how altruism and compassion can contribute to happiness which restored a sense of calm after an exciting (and busy) couple of days.

We thoroughly enjoyed the event and are proud to have been part of it. After such a successful conference, we’re now counting down the days until UNLEASH 2019 in Paris – will we see you there?


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