The Risks of Poor Payroll for Businesses

8 November 2017

International HR

With any outsourced service that a business requires, it’s important to understand the needs that service should fulfil before selecting a provider. This is especially true when it comes to choosing payroll services: it’s one of the most important requirements to get right, and choosing the wrong provider could lead to damaged business reputation in the form of disgruntled and less productive employees, a low staff retention rate and more.

Here are the key components for businesses to look for in a payroll services provider, to ensure all needs are fulfilled:


Businesses require a payroll provider with international capabilities that can mirror business structure and align with company journey. The payroll provider also needs to support and adapt to every business’ geographic coverage, size and level of expertise.

Local Access

A payroll provider should be able to offer proximity to local expertise by guaranteeing compliancy to local legislation as well as efficient local responsiveness. Wherever a business is based in the world, this should not affect the efficiency of payroll services, with the right provider.

New Technology

The world we live in is rapidly and relentlessly advancing in terms of technology. Therefore, it’s important when choosing a payroll services provider, or any services provider in fact, to ensure that state-of-the-art digital technologies are used. This will boost efficiency, employee experience and employee engagement.

European reach

Selecting a payroll services provider with a European reach brings the additional benefit of cooperation with strategic partners who are all leaders in other regions, to provide the best services possible. This is vital to many European organisations with employees eager to be paid on time and correctly in several countries.

Global steering

An offering of global governance, services and platforms from a payroll services provider is important in terms of meeting the strategic needs of multi-national organisations. The right provider will offer services in multiple countries, across several continents to achieve this global positioning.

Human interaction

Finally, and arguably most importantly, businesses need a payroll service provider that keeps the ‘human’ in human resources. Technology enables human experts to add high value to businesses: with reliable and regular human interaction from the correct provider, no responsibility is diluted.

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