SD Worx collects sparks for charity and to combat coronavirus

13 August 2020

HR management

SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Even in these challenging times in which the world is gripped by coronavirus, SD Worx does not want to let this occasion pass unnoticed. We have therefore collaborated with The Oval Office on an internal and external communications campaign to donate a total of EUR 150,000 to 75 different charities, nominated and chosen by SD Worx employees. Initiatives to help beat coronavirus receive special attention.

75,000 sparks, 75,000 bright spots in uncertain times

Throughout the entire anniversary year of 2020, SD Worx is inviting 4,600 employees and 68,000 customers worldwide to collect 'sparks' through remarkable collaborations, heart-warming initiatives and great stories for charity and to combat coronavirus. Every story you share, every e-card you send through or activity you set up will collect sparks for a good cause. If we manage to reach our goal of 75,000 sparks, SD Worx will donate EUR 150,000 among 75 charities.

Michael Custers, Chief Marketing Officer at SD Worx: "What led us to choose sparks? Because they make things shine. They bring people together, connect, provide chemistry and warmth and ultimately, create fireworks. And that's what we've been doing at SD Worx for 75 years – both within our own organisation and for our customers. Because those who come to work for us are given room to learn, the flexibility to develop and the chance to enjoy themselves. We pass on this passion, knowledge and job satisfaction to our customers and their employees, enabling these companies to achieve inspiring results. That's how we stimulate growth in each other. In these uncertain times, these sparks are rays of hope in the darkness. Let's support each other through thick and thin. We're here for each other, after all."

Integrated live and communications campaign

Using the platform, employees can collect sparks together with their co-workers and customers. To do so, they share their own experiences through the website, send personal e-cards to thank, congratulate or encourage colleagues, customers or even personal friends and family, or register for a digital speed date with an SD Worx colleague. In this way the campaign strengthens the bonds between co-workers and colleagues, even if only by digital means for now.

The campaign has received an enthusiastic welcome: 40% of the 75,000 sparks were collected in under a month, and more than 80% of the sparks required to reach our goal have already been collected. This is a powerful sign of engagement by SD Worx employees, who currently work largely from home. They responded with great enthusiasm to this call over e-mail and the intranet; colleagues nominated charities in large numbers, sent e-cards and signed up for multiple digital speed dates. They also sent out e-mails and messages to customers over social media inviting them to send their own e-cards. The campaign will continue to run until the end of the year.

Send an E-card and share your sparks

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