Looking Back at Unleash

The SD Worx team has returned from another great annual UNLEASH conference. Over 5,000 attendees gathered at the RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre in Amsterdam – the site of the first conference seven years ago.

International payroll

3 scary payroll mistakes for multinational organizations

Payroll is the lifeblood of an organization, so getting it right is crucial. When organizations branch out into new geographical locations, the risk of payroll mistakes heightens. It’s a scary thought for HR and payroll professionals.


Advantages of Outsourcing for Efficient Global Payroll

Back to School: Why Continuous Learning is Important in Payroll

September: the month that children dread as they make their return to school after the freedom of the long summer months. But for adults, especially those in the payroll industry, after the quiet summer period September should be a time to be motivated and to adopt that ‘back to school’ thinking. It’s important for teams not to be stagnant. In the ever-developing payroll industry, adaptability is key and so learning shouldn’t stop just because you’ve left school—in payroll and HR it’s all about continuous learning.

Advantages of Outsourcing for Efficient Global Payroll

The Power of Payroll: Unlock its Potential

The multinational payroll industry is set to be worth 4.8bn by 2021, yet, despite the evident power of payroll, only a third of multinational organizations have a global payroll provider. Instead, they rely on a disparate selection of multiple local providers and therefore have no access to collated data or a clear insight into their employee attrition, engagement, or retention.

Advantages of Outsourcing for Efficient Global Payroll

Give Your HR Team a Holiday with Payroll Technology

Is your HR and payroll team feeling the heat this summer? With the weather heating up, most of us want to get out and enjoy the sun or escape on a holiday. However, with more staff members out of the office, this can mean that the payroll team might be running on reduced numbers. And, typically, less team members results in a higher workload for those in the office. This is where HR and payroll technology can help, giving HR teams a well-deserved summer holiday.

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