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SD Worx Unleashes Global People Services across Europe

SD Worx Unleashes Global People Services across Europe

The SD Worx team has been busy! Not only did the team exhibit and present at UNLEASH Paris 2019, but we also launched our brand new Global People Services offering for the mid-sized market across Europe.
Global People Services is the first integrated HR and payroll service focusing on the mid-market in Europe.

How no-deal Brexit will impact social security

How will a no-deal Brexit impact social security?

What will Brexit mean for the social security rights of UK nationals currently working in other EU states, and of nationals of the remaining 27 member states now in the UK? Will these cross-channel workers benefit, for example, from state pension contributions they made in the UK and vice versa if they return to their countries of origin?

Don’t miss out on INSIGHTFUL SPEAKER SESSIONS (and Belgian beer)

In addition to the launch of Global People Services, we’ll also be running two sessions of our own at this year’s conference – and trust us, they’re too good to miss!

Major news about Global People Services

One of the highlights of our UNLEASH calendar is certainly the launch of our one-stop solution for core-HR and payroll’s current and future needs: Global People Services. The offering opens a new category for the mid-size market, with an integrated single source of truth for HR & payroll, rolling out for the 15 countries in Europe.

Combining core-HR and Payroll with Technology

Combining core-HR and Payroll with Technology

What happens when you combine payroll and core-HR together with new technologies? The potential insights into business operations become greater and more valuable than ever when informing business decisions across all areas of the business.

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