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6 Ways to Enhance The Potential of Your HR Data

6 Ways to Enhance The Potential of Your HR Data

The data accessible to HR and payroll professionals has the potential to inform areas of the business beyond its basic necessities. There are several types of reports that can help your organisation work more efficiently, each with its specific purpose. When utilised to its maximum potential, HR & payroll data can provide useful insights such as opening up a detailed understanding of the organisation’s workforce.

Helping employees deal with Brexit Uncertainty

Helping employees deal with Brexit uncertainty

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has left many employees on both sides of the English Channel in limbo – uncertain about how long they will be able to live and work in the country they’ve come to call home.

How no-deal Brexit will impact social security

How will a no-deal Brexit impact social security?

What will Brexit mean for the social security rights of UK nationals currently working in other EU states, and of nationals of the remaining 27 member states now in the UK? Will these cross-channel workers benefit, for example, from state pension contributions they made in the UK and vice versa if they return to their countries of origin?

What will the impact of the Brexit deal be on your employees?

After a year and a half of negotiations, on 13 November 2018 British Prime Minster May and the European Union reached a technical agreement on the UK leaving the European Union. The deal sets out the general terms on how the United Kingdom and the European Member states will cooperate after the UK has left the EU. The impact for you as an employer with employees inside or from the UK is now also clear. What you should know. 

International HR

International Teams: Making Global Business a Success

Expanding businesses internationally can mean increased profit, a better reputation and more capital to invest in getting the best talent from your industry. But international businesses face newer challenges, chief among which is working with international teams that are based in various cities, regions, countries and potentially even continents. 


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