Flexible rewards: going fluid to match key priorities

COVID-19 has forced companies to reassess their priorities. Getting the basics right, such as payroll duties, is now by far the number one concern. Besides that, we see both a strong shift towards cost-efficiency and increased emphasis on employee experience, including personalisation and work-life balance. Although these three objectives could be met effectively by turning the spotlight on to flexible rewards, few companies seem to see the connection. 

Survey on HR priorities beyond COVID-19: key takeaways

In case you hadn’t noticed: change is the only constant. With COVID-19 still affecting all areas of our society and economy, we believe that keeping our finger on the pulse has never been more important. Why? Successful adaptation starts with gathering knowledge and closely observing the market. And as the leading European payroll and HR services provider, that’s exactly what SD Worx does for you.

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HR insights: bridging the language gap in international employment

Remote working challenges – and how to overcome them

As the adage goes, “the clever learn from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others”. With remote working here to stay in a post COVID-19 world, offering great experiences to remote workers is the key to high engagement, effortless collaboration and – in the end – higher performance. Familiarise yourself with the fails and learn how to win with remote working.

sharing sparks with SD WORX

SD Worx collects sparks for charity and to combat coronavirus

SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Even in these challenging times in which the world is gripped by coronavirus, SD Worx does not want to let this occasion pass unnoticed. 

Remarkable labour laws in Europe: how many do you know?

Every now and then, a new list of the world’s strangest labour laws is published. Common examples include China’s prohibition of women from doing physically demanding work, and Japan’s requirement for companies to measure their employees’ waistlines to monitor obesity. However, you don’t have to go that far away to find eyebrow-raising labour legislation. We’ve selected 8 examples – right from the heart of Europe. Can you connect each one to the right country?

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the four elements of Payroll Process

How to calculate, assess and control the TCO of your payroll

Optimising your payroll process is no luxury in times of economic turmoil. The first step: mapping out the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your payroll. This allows you to make good use of your resources, lend focused support to your team, streamline your operations and generate transparency in complex times. So, what exactly is the TCO of your payroll? Is there room for improvement? And if so, what can you do? Let us help you answer these questions.

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Regular remote working will be part of the new normal. To make sure you reap all the benefits, follow these 5 steps.

Remote working is here to stay, so make it a win-win

The COVID-19 lockdown forced international companies to switch gears overnight: remote working was suddenly the norm. In most cases, the transition happened smoother than expected and significant benefits have now become apparent. Therefore, it’s likely that remote working is here to stay. Are you planning to offer regular remote working to your international workforce? Don’t forget that this implies a set of written and unwritten rules. Here’s a basic checklist.

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HR insights: bridging the language gap in international employment

HR insights: bridging the language gap in international employment

Managing an international workforce involves various specialist tasks, such as declaring taxes to foreign administrations, monitoring complex labour laws and elaborating attractive reward systems. That’s why most companies outsource these error-prone tasks. Both local and global HR providers can make a big difference, but remember to make well-considered choices. If you’re looking to truly bridge literal and figurative language gaps, a global partner with vast local expertise is your go-to option. Here’s why.

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Shaping HR strategy in growing businesses: 3 trends

Shaping HR strategy in growing businesses: 3 trends

Europe is home to millions of expanding businesses, which play an increasingly vital role in job creation, economic growth and innovative power. They have a lot to gain in the digital era – as long as their HR strategies keep pace with the dynamic needs of their employees. Explore three powerful HR trends that are poised to impact your international company, and learn how to tackle them.

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Ramadan at work: embrace the cultural diversity of your workforce

Ramadan at work: embrace the cultural diversity of your workforce

Ramadan is from 24 April to 23 May 2020. Muslims all over the world fast for a month and there is no eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset. How do you, as an employer, take this into account in the workplace?

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