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Technology can optimise hr and payroll over the holidays

How Technology Can Optimise HR and Payroll Over the Holidays

A recent SD Worx survey revealed that over half (57%) of European employees have the freedom to take a holiday when they choose. Although this can improve the work/life balance and autonomy of employees around Europe, it can leave departments a little stretched over the summer – a popular time to travel and enjoy the sun with friends and family. This can particularly affect the HR and payroll department – a business function that never stops. 

How payroll reporting can power-up your staff planning

How payroll reporting can power-up your staff planning

It’s vital that global organizations are run as efficiently as possible. With potentially easy access to a broad and detailed selection of employee data, the HR and payroll department can ensure that the organization’s staff planning is accurately informed to better control staffing costs and improve efficiency across the business as a whole.
So, how can the HR and payroll professionals ensure that they are maximising the potential of the valuable data that lies at their fingertips?

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Brexit: Are you ready?

Brexit: Are you ready?

Brexit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee or employer, there is little clarity over exactly what it means. While the British Government scrambles for an outcome, organisations sit patiently, doing what they can to prepare for all eventualities. Considering that there is no certainty and a myriad of possible outcomes, it makes it extremely challenging for organisations to put plans in place.

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Avoiding Payroll Complexity With A Global Provider

Avoiding Payroll Complexity With A Global Provider

When the time comes for a company to expand into new territories and take operations global, it can mean a significant increase in workload for the HR and payroll departments – so, how can expanding businesses manage this transition with ease?

How HR and payroll teams are coping with GDPR and compliancy

One year with GDPR: How HR and payroll teams are coping with compliance

Twelve months ago, HR and payroll teams around the world were preparing for the changes that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was set to bring to the industry. So, how are they coping with compliance today? 

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International Payroll: The Global and Local Mix

International Payroll: The Global and Local Mix

SD Worx explains the importance of balancing global and local payroll operations for expanding international businesses and how a multinational payroll provider can help keep this balance.

Helping employees deal with Brexit Uncertainty

Helping employees deal with Brexit uncertainty

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has left many employees on both sides of the English Channel in limbo – uncertain about how long they will be able to live and work in the country they’ve come to call home.

How to ensure your payroll team doesn’t drown in data

It is often said today that data is the new oil – it’s extremely valuable, especially in international business. But, as organisations expand, their databases grow and this can impact the workload of the HR and payroll professionals, distracting them from their vital roles and left to drown in never ending streams of data. 

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3 benefits of predictive analytics in payroll

Running global payroll for an organisation operating in multiple countries can, at times, become somewhat overwhelming. With various rules and regulations to comply with and huge data sets to handle, many payroll professionals would welcome a helping hand. Today, with advancements in HR and payroll technology, that hand doesn’t have to be human—in fact, embracing these technologies can unlock the power of payroll within an organisation.  

How HR Tech can put a spring back in the step of your payroll function

With winter coming to an end, the sun is coming out of hibernation and spring is rolling around. But as we prepare for the time of new beginnings, with flowers blooming and the leaves back on the trees, how can you use HR Tech to make the most of the new season? Rather than being stuck in the office, battling through endless admin and other time-consuming tasks, introducing HR tech into your organisation can put a spring back in the step of the payroll function.

The Compliance Challenge: How to Avoid Drowning in the Detail

In the increasingly global business landscape we live in, international operations and business expansion is becoming more and more common. Often this can significantly increase the workload of the HR and payroll department: with international business expansion comes international admin and regulations.


How no-deal Brexit will impact social security

How will a no-deal Brexit impact social security?

What will Brexit mean for the social security rights of UK nationals currently working in other EU states, and of nationals of the remaining 27 member states now in the UK? Will these cross-channel workers benefit, for example, from state pension contributions they made in the UK and vice versa if they return to their countries of origin?

How to start your HR Brexit planning

The clock is ticking on the UK’s exit from the European Union on 29 March 2019. But we still don’t know the terms of its departure or what impact Brexit will have on employment both in the UK and the 27 remaining EU member states. Faced with this level of uncertainty, HR and payroll teams need to start their HR Brexit planning right now.

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Why Multinational Providers are Paramount in Modern Payroll

Today’s business world is becoming increasingly international as technological advancements make it easier for organizations to operate in multiple regions, or even globally. However, when it comes to modern international payroll, many businesses struggle to run their payroll on a global scale­.

How to avoid getting snowed under with back office admin this winter

The Christmas festive period might be over, but winter is certainly not. With snow thick and fast in some regions, it’s understandable that HR and payroll teams may want to pack up and hibernate for the next couple of months.


3 New Year’s resolutions for HR and payroll teams in 2019

With the festivities over and the new year well underway, as we return to work, many may have already given up on their new year’s resolutions for 2019. However, when it comes to new year resolutions in the HR and payroll industry, there are many resolutions that HR and payroll teams should commit to which will ensure that their payroll is powerful and running efficiently throughout the year. 

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How working with an automated workforce will enhance the human employee

Much of today’s media coverage on the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the workplace express concern over the future of the human employee. Many fear their roles will be replaced by an intelligent robot that is more efficient and cheaper to employ. However, this is far from the case. SD Worx advocates the future of HR tech, but we also understand that you can never take the ‘Human’ out of Human Resources! In fact, introducing these technologies to the HR and payroll department can only reaffirm the place of the human employee in the business world. 

What will the impact of the Brexit deal be on your employees?

After a year and a half of negotiations, on 13 November 2018 British Prime Minster May and the European Union reached a technical agreement on the UK leaving the European Union. The deal sets out the general terms on how the United Kingdom and the European Member states will cooperate after the UK has left the EU. The impact for you as an employer with employees inside or from the UK is now also clear. What you should know. 

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Are you ready for the future of HR?

The HR and payroll industry never stands still and is moving at a faster pace than ever. With frequent updates to legislation, increasingly global operations and swiftly developing new technologies, the future of HR is set to look completely different to the industry of today. 

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Team building activities: do they work?

Every company strives to have effective working practices that allow employees to work together to get the best possible outcome. Many employers choose to organise Christmas team building activities to help boost workplace morale, increase productivity and collaboration between departments.

But does team building actually work? 

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