PAREXEL international payroll considerably simplified

The more parties are involved, the more complex the partnership becomes, and the greater the margin of error will be. PAREXEL – an American contract research organisation (CRO) that conducts clinical research in the biotechnological and medical sectors worldwide – is fully aware of this.

47 providers to 1: Global Paint Manufacturing Company and Distributor chooses SD Worx

Before working with SD Worx, the organisation had no standardised process for payroll and used 47 separate payroll providers across the world. This caused a lack of visibility, clarity and documentation to support the payroll process, and a high level of errors. Employee engagement was also very low and a key objective for this company was to encourage the use of Self-Service with “online payslips”, the first of many planned employee deployed services.

Siemens PLM Software collaborates to create personalised payroll management for all European operations

SD Worx, a global HR and payroll service provider, worked with Siemens PLM Software to implement a strictly project-driven initiative. This enterprise was delivered through central program management for local implementations

British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

“We rely on SD Worx not just for payroll services, but for HR services as well. For instance, they recently advised us on the most tax-efficient remuneration packages available for our team, and on compliance issues. SD Worx is also one of our accredited service providers. Many of our members are new to Belgium. They can find the Belgian personnel administration system to be very complex and different from what they are used to. Working with a partner like SD Worx helps in so many ways: they excel in explaining complex issues in a clear and concise manner, provide ready solutions, and truly understand the international mindset. What’s more, SD Worx thinks and operates on an international scale. As a customer, it’s nice to work with a partner that is similar to you. It conveys a sense of trust.”


Every month, an SD Worx employee comes to our offices to help us prepare and check our payroll. The calculations have to be done according to the rules of the head office in Stuttgart for more than 600 people with a great diversity of remuneration regimes. We outsourced this service to SD Worx a few years ago when a highly experienced HR employee left our organisation, forcing us to find a solution at short notice. SD Worx was that solution. After a short interruption, we are now working again with the same SD Worx employees. They’ve integrated right away because they know our organisation, allowing our HR staff to focus on other HR tasks. Besides, SD Worx will soon review these HR tasks and submit proposals for their optimisation. In fact, we experience that they have the right expertise in-house for that.