Chemical Company across EMEA

Payroll Services Alliance creates standardized payroll for chemical company across entire EMEA region.

Challenges and Goals:

A global chemical company that produces safe and sustainable entrepreneurial products and solutions currently operates in more than 50 towns and cities, with 14,000 employees serving customer across more than 100 countries.

In 2014, operating at this scale, the organization needed to standardize its payroll, requiring a payroll provider that could successfully and consistently supply payroll to all the countries within the EMEA that it operated in.

Struggling with the complex management of a disparate collection of payroll providers in conjunction with its organic growth, there was a clear need to source a single contract and Master Service Agreement (MSA) to govern its payroll.


The leading payroll service provider partnership, the Payroll Services Alliance worked with the chemical company to provide a three-stage solution. The Payroll Services Alliance  standardized an MSA to serve as an umbrella that reached the organization’s expectations for the EMEA region.

Following this, the Payroll Services Alliance developed an organizational model to provide governance and support across the region. This centred around meetings in which operational and performance requirements could be discusses as well as a quarterly business review meeting to assess the working relationship between SD Worx and the organization.

The Payroll Services Alliance consistently enables the organization to work to an EMEA-wide standard of payroll service. Rather than multiple local contracts, the organization works from one Statement of Work (SOW) to govern a country which provides operational and contractual solutions. This guarantees a consistent level of service across the countries in which the organization operates.


From initially working with the organization to provide payroll for smaller countries with less than ten employees, the Payroll Services Alliance now enables them to deliver a standardized payroll service to 1,098 employees in 13 countries, including Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy. Other EMEA countries are governed by the MSA and larger countries are supported by a local-to-local services support model.

A Chemical Company across EMEA