Flexible, scalable, efficient core HR

The beating heart of your HR processes

Employees are taking more active roles in their careers, increasing the complexity of HR processes. As an employer, you must adapt your administrative and data monitoring processes and offer employee self-service, mobile functionality, dashboarding, ecosystem-wide insights and the full employee lifecycle.

Core HR is all about organisational data, employee data and relationships – and also about making all three transparent and accessible to your HR department, line managers and employees in a user-friendly, compliant way. This requires a strong technological foundation as well as local and international core HR expertise. SD Worx offers all of these.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Easily organise and manage your workforce data in an efficient way.
  • Eliminate concerns about which data is required for different HR processes in various countries.
  • Avoid the hassles of ensuring compliance and correctness.
  • Gain a clear overview of the many HR processes and events involved in employee lifecycles.
  • Contribute measurable gains to your organisation’s bottom line.
  • Transform HR into a source of value for your talent.

What we offer

  • Employee data is centralised in your HR ecosystem in a user-friendly way.
  • Self-service functionalities, enabling your people to maintain their own data.
  • Integration with existing solutions for payroll, asset management, time and attendance, onboarding, workforce management and more.
  • Complete oversight and control over all data at all times.
  • Software, services and insights needed to manage data and generate reports.
  • The capabilities needed to transform core HR into a strategic tool to optimise your workforce as an element of business growth.
  • A scalable, configurable core HR solution for local and international employment contexts.

Smooth digital absence management

Following up on employee absences due to holiday, illness, telework and more is a paperwork-heavy, repetitive process. Digital solutions from SD Worx empower your employees to request and manage their absence themselves, enable line managers to maintain a clear overview and allow your HR team to correctly account for abscences when processing payrolls.

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Robust HR data management

Harness the far-reaching benefits of having all of your employee data stored in a secure, easy-to-manage, configurable way with HR data management solutions from SD Worx. Free your team from repetitive, error-prone manual tasks and reduce the risk of human error – all while ensuring accessibility, transparency and full compliance with local legislation.

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HR document management

HR is one of the most document-heavy environments in an organisation. From CVs and contracts to payslips, benefit statements, performance reviews, policies and more: the volume of HR-related business documents is only increasing. Impose order out of chaos – quickly and safely – with HR document management solutions from SD Worx.

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Automated onboarding solutions for delighted employees

Finding – and keeping – the right talent is becoming increasingly difficult, with more than a third of new hires leaving their companies before the end of their first year of employment. Onboarding is the crucial first step toward earning the loyalty of your new hires and paving the way for a rewarding and productive career.

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Travel and expense management

Is your organisation still relying on manual processes and paper receipts to manage your expense reporting process? Ensure a complete overview of spending, use accurate, up-to-date information to make decisions and simplify the entire process with automated, integrated travel and expense management.

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Komatsu relies on SD Worx for all international payroll administration

Streamlining the payroll administration for international employees is no easy task. Komatsu Europe International found the ideal support at SD Worx. Frank Heuts, General Manager HR, and Evi Reynaert, Talent Manager at Komatsu Europe share their story.
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Expectations were high, but SD Worx met them without a problem. The team convinced us thanks to their clear answers and streamlined processes.
Evi Reynaert Talent Manager Komatsu Europe International

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