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Smooth digital absence management

Fully automated, transparent and paper free

Following up on employee absences due to holiday, illness, telework and more is a paperwork-heavy, repetitive process. Digital solutions from SD Worx empower your employees to request and manage their absence themselves, enable line managers to maintain a clear overview and allow your HR team to correctly account for abscences when processing payrolls.

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Empowered employees

With our digital solution, your employees can immediately verify how many days of leave they are entitled to. They can simply and easily indicate days off due to illness, planned absences and holidays in a calendar by the half day. Your business determines which types of absences employees can plan via the self-service system. 

Team-wide overviews

Because each employee can also access the leave calendars of their colleagues, they can account for the plans of their team members when planning their own holidays. After the employee has sent their request for approval, leave balance counters are adjusted in real time.

Automatic notification and processing

The employee’s manager receives a notification for approval and can consult the team calendar immediately. After approval, absences are automatically processed in the payroll.

Benefits for your organisation

  • No paperwork, lengthy e-mail exchanges or manual processes.
  • Both managers and employees maintain a transparent overview of leave counters and calendars at all times.
  • Decide which types of absences are offered to employees via the self-service platform.
  • Gain control over and insight into team presence through central data management and approval flows.
  • Take care of absence management processes at the push of a button, freeing up time for core tasks.
  • Integration with your HR data management system and payroll software, eliminating manual data entry and retyping.

What we offer

  • A fully automated absence management process for employees, line managers and payroll administrators.
  • A mobile self-service module accessible via any device through the SD Worx Assistant. 
  • Full integration with SD Worx HR data management systems and payroll tools.
  • Clear workflows for the approval of absence requests and payroll calculations.
  • Configuration tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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