Automated onboarding solutions for delighted employees

Automated onboarding solutions for delighted employees

Lay the right foundation for engagement, productivity and loyalty

Finding – and keeping – the right talent is becoming increasingly difficult, with more than a third of new hires leaving their companies before the end of their first year of employment. Onboarding is the crucial first step toward earning the loyalty of your new hires and paving the way for a rewarding and productive career.

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An essential stage of the HR lifecycle

A solid, well-designed employee onboarding process is necessary to help your new hires:

  • settle into their new roles and get acquainted with their organisation;
  • clearly understand work objectives and expectations;
  • gain the tools and information they need to become an engaged, productive team member;
  • forge strong, trust-based relationships with their colleagues.

However, the time and resources needed to achieve these goals depend on the organisation; it might take a single day in one company and more than a year in another.

The power and practicality of automation

There are two aspects of onboarding: the administrative process, and the process of integrating employees into your organisation and making them feel at home.

An automated onboarding process helps you avoid human error, delays, confusion and compliance issues, accelerate progress, lighten workloads and inspire new hires to believe in the strengths and people focus of your organisation.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Reduce paperwork and workloads for the entire HR team.
  • Faster new hire integration and lower turnover costs.
  • Transform employees into ambassadors, making your organisation more attractive to prospective talent.
  • Offer a consistent experience to all new employees.
  • Boost employee engagement, satisfaction and performance.

What we offer

  • An automated, end-to-end employee onboarding solution.
  • An integrated employee data management system that centralises personal information, contract and job details and data covering salary, working pattern, benefits, dependents, emergency information and more.
  • Employee self-service functionality.
  • Built-in workflows for onboarding processes such as sending welcome notes, generating documents, setting up new payroll accounts, adding new hires to the organisational chart, creating user accounts, scheduling training, etc.
  • An integrated document management system for the storage of contracts, relevant policies, etc.
  • Automatic notifications of delays or discrepancies in onboarding workflows.
  • Simple conversion of your onboarding checklist into workflows that assign tasks to the right people at the right moment.

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