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SD Worx Assistant: your helper for anything from H to R

Enhancing employee experience in a digital world

It’s no secret that we live in a mobile age. Nowadays, employees expect the same digital capabilities at work as they enjoy in their personal lives. By simplifying interactions between employers and employees, the SD Worx Assistant takes the hassle out of everyday HR processes and provides a simple, seamless, integrated, mobile experience for employees.

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How the SD Worx Assistant works

The SD Worx Assistant is an intelligent platform with a mobile app and chatbot that offers a variety of functionalities to both employers and employees, depending on the underlying modules available to the organisation as an SD Worx customer. Available modules include e-payslips, absences, expenses and internal communication. Time and attendance and work-related Q&A modules are currently in development. 

Employees can access the SD Worx Assistant via their smartphone ; in the future it will also be integrated with Alexa, Google Home end WhatsApp.


Receive payment alerts and
view pay slips


Request and approve absences
without any fuss


Read the employer’s internal
communication and give employee

What we offer

  • All-in-one solution for your employees to easily manage and arrange all their HR issues.
  • A second brain for your employees, that sends proactive reminders.
  • A mobile app with chatbot available for Android, Apple and Huawei.
  • Plug-and-play employer and employee access to SD Worx’ Payroll and HR solutions, such as electronic payslips and absences.
  • Integration with users’ calendar, email, and smartphone camera where necessary.
  • No extra cost for SD Worx clients with access to these self-service solutions.
  • Continuous updates with new functionalities and integrations.
  • Your key to the best possible employee experience!

Benefits for your organisation

  • Employees have access to HR functionalities, anytime, anywhere
  • Simple, intuitive, end-to-end workflows for administrative tasks. 
  • Easily push information to and ask feedback from your employees – including those in the field or without computers. 
  • Fewer HR-related administrative questions, freeing up time for your HR personnel. 
  • Enhanced communication with employees. 
  • Differentiate your organisation as a modern employer that offers the latest digital innovations to its talent. 


SD Worx Assistant brings internal communication at SKF Belgium to another level

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Request leave quickly and easily, enable or disable your out-of-office message, and view wage details: our employees can do it all at any time using the app. There's also a handy chatbot to answer questions about parental leave. It also cuts down on the amount of administrative work for our HR department.
Kim Boschmans Employee engagement business partner SKF Belgium

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