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  1. We harmonize your international employment with flexible payroll solutions
  2. An attractive remuneration policy for you and your employees
  3. Smart Capacity

We harmonize your international employment with flexible payroll solutions

Outsource your payroll and enjoy our flexibility while you grow

Outsource your payroll and save time without compromising on quality, and enjoy our flexibility as you grow.

  • covering  +90 countries
  • 4,4 million global payslips/mo
  • +65,000 customers

An attractive remuneration policy for you and your employees

A well-designed remuneration policy enables you to attract and retain employees

The war for talent is on. Recruiting – and retaining – employees with the right skills and competences is not always easy. It is crucial to put a lot of thought into convincing them to work for you. Have you considered customized remuneration? Companies that give their employees a say in the composition of their salary packages agree: it’s the key to finding the right candidates faster and reducing turnover.

Smart Capacity

Translating your HR data into clear insights

Translate your HR data into clear insights to bring out the best of you and your employees, and convert their engagement into growth for your company.

  • over 2mln flexible combinations
  • 97% customer retention rate
  • 99% accuracy rate

Insights to Action


How SD Worx protects your data & privacy

In May 2018, a new European privacy law came into effect that requires significant changes by organisations all over the world. The HR industry is set to become one of the most affected, with actions needed to be taken in HR departments internationally.The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes new rules on the collection and processing of data linked to EU residents. Protecting your data and helping you with the compliance challenges set out by the new data protection regulation are our top priorities.

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How working with an automated workforce will enhance the human employee

30 December 2018

Much of today’s media coverage on the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the workplace express concern over the future of the human employee. Many fear their roles will be replaced by an intelligent robot that is more efficient and cheaper to employ. However, this is far from the case. SD Worx advocates the future of HR tech, but we also understand that you can never take the ‘Human’ out of Human Resources! In fact, introducing these technologies to the HR and payroll department can only reaffirm the place of the human employee in the business world.

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How to avoid getting snowed under with back office admin this winter

21 January 2019

How can HR and payroll teams beat the January blues and feel inspired in the New Year? To start with, they can begin to minimise the mundane back office admin tasks that absorb so much of their time.

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Press Releases


Half of HR professionals are unhappy with the state of HR analytics

24 January 2019

 50% of HR professionals across Europe are dissatisfied with how HR analytics is currently prioritised within the industry, and only 9% are very satisfied, according to research from the Fosway Group, recently presented in partnership with SD Worx, a leading provider of global HR and payroll. 


SD Worx starts partnership with intuo

31 January 2019

Payroll and HR services provider SD Worx teams with intuo, the Belgian scale-up specialised in HR tech which, with its talent enablement platform, offers an innovative and digital alternative to the traditional evaluation cycles and engagement surveys. The partnership highlights the digitisation that SD Worx is actively implementing.

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Almost 1 in 3 HR and Payroll Professionals Concerned Their Organisations Lack Skills to Deal with Brexit

8 February 2019

SD Worx survey reveals that 32% of 1,000 HR, payroll and legal professionals in businesses across 7 European countries think that they either don’t have or don’t know if they have the skills in the HR and payroll department to adapt to the changes Brexit will bring in the coming months.

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