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CRF Conference Masterclass Michael Custers

CRF Masterclass - The Yin and Yang in HR: the Art of Balancing Flexibility & Stability

The future of HR is fluid – characterised by diversity, fast-paced change and innovation. The key to success in the digital age? Fostering an HR strategy founded on resilience and agility. However, it’s important to strike an optimal balance between fluidity and stability, as security is crucial during these uncertain, “never normal”, post-COVID times.

Based on our survey in 11 countries in Europe, we will explore the dynamic reality between companies & employees throughout the full journey. Are European companies ready to fluidly organise their HR? Is Uberization and other flexible employment already a reality in Europe? How digitalize is HR in Europe? And is fluidity taking over in rewards? Find out the answer with us.


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The Future of Work & People in Europe: HR, Fluid as Hula-Hoop Shaking

2020 saw HR priorities shuffled and reshuffled. Existing trends are accelerating, while new strategies for the workforce have emerged. As workplaces and work models have revamped, HR has explored new domains that have now quickly become familiar territory. With everything changing and spinning so rapidly, HR looks to the future and what trends will guide us.

This webinar will answer three questions: What has kept HR grounded through 2020? How does this affect HR’s decisions in the short term? Which priorities should HR revisit to ensure success in 2021? We’ll look across eleven countries in Europe to explore this dynamic reality and what it means for your business.



Workday Rising 2019

Meet our team at Workday Rising in Milan from 12-14 November 2019. 

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SD Worx Past Webinars

Practical Strategies to Improve Employee Experience

SD Worx and Fosway Group are delighted to invite you to our practical strategies to improve employee experience webinar, at 2pm on Thursday 25 April 2019.  In a recent Fosway Group survey over half of organisations said their HR systems are not fit for today’s modern workforce. With the rapid pace of change in consumer technology, the gap between what people experience at home versus at work is widening every day.

So, with multiple stakeholders to keep happy, what can you do to balance the unique demands of your organisation and to innovate the experience of your employees? 

In this session we will uncover: 
•             The case for change – the employee experience challenge
•             What are companies prioritising today and why?
•             New ideas and tools to accelerate change and improve experiences
•             Practical strategies and lessons learned


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GDPR Ripple Effect: The Importance of GDPR to Non-EU Based Organisations

Presented by two of the top industry experts on data privacy and security: Sheila M. FitzPatrick, Worldwide General Data Protection Regulation Chief Privacy Officer, Data Privacy & Sovereignty Laws, and Gert Beeckmans, Chief Risk & Security Officer from SD Worx.
The webinar focused  on the new EU privacy framework and its applies to companies with non-EU establishments, and explore the extensive rights you have over your  personal data and investigate the potential effects of sharing employee data in other territories. Missed this webinar? Find the recap here. 

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GDPR-Readiness Webinar Series

To support your businness for GDPR, we have conducted a monthly webinar series on the various topic on GDPR.
Want to rewatch it or check for a specific topic? FInd the recordings here

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