Flexbility in Governance, Services and Software

3 layer approach

Are you looking for a best-of-breed software in each country, combined with local payroll services and an overall coordination layer? Or is your organization locally organized, and you want to keep this local autonomy in combination with local services (while making use of a global payroll platform)? With our three-layer solution, you can have flexibility in governance, services and software. We harmonize the entire management of your international employment, using solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. The choice is yours.

Choose a solution that is right for your business

A three layer approach to international payroll offers multiple options in governance, services and tools, to provide one integrated solution that's right for your business.


Benefits for your organization

  • Flexibility
  • Payroll expertise

Our Offering

  • Harmonization of payroll
  • Tailored services