Service Levels

From SaaS to Comprehensive Payroll Services

Every company is individual, and requires tailored payroll services. It is up to you to decide how much outsourcing you require: from SaaS to Managed Payroll Services, all the way to Comprehensive Payroll Services. These service levels can be tailored to each country, and isn’t a one-size-fits-all service.

Your service level choices

With a wide spectrum of service levels – from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Managed Payroll Services to Comprehensive Payroll Services, you can choose your preferred service level on a global basis and local level.
This creates a high degree of flexibility and cost-savings for global organizations that have significantly differing headcounts from one geographic market to the next


Payroll and HR professionals manage their entire payroll operations from input to output using SD Worx’s systems.

SD Worx hosts the software, constantly maintaining its legal compliance to ensure wage calculations are always correct as a result.

Managed Payroll Services

Payroll and HR professionals input their own employee data into their local payroll software.

From that point, the SD Worx team is responsible for the correct processing of the organization's payroll all the way through to output.

Comprehensive Payroll Services

Payroll and HR professionals send their personnel data to their local SD Worx office or a Shared Service Center.

SD Worx takes care of the rest: interpretation, data input, calculations, output documents for employees and management, administrative obligations to official authorities, and all payroll administration.