Strong Partnerships

Understanding local and global payroll platforms is key to truly taking control of international payroll

To truly take control of an international payroll, understanding the local and global platform is key. Our strategic partnership with the Payroll Services Alliance enables us to bundle our services into a unified offering that consists of strong local expertise and services, supplemented by coordination and integration at an international level.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • With our alliance, you can rely on one trustful partner to take care your global payroll
  • We can take care of your entire payroll process, wherever you are present.
  • Use our flexibility as you grow or expand

Our offer

  • A strong alliance between six payroll provider leaders regions worldwide 
  • A standardised level of services for payroll & HR requirements

The Payroll Services Alliance

SD Worx is a co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance, a global network of leading payroll service providers. This partner network offers a consistent cross-borders service.

Through the Payroll Services Alliance, you can rely on strong local expertise (local payroll services, local legislation), supplemented by coordination and integration at an international level (one contract, harmonised service levels). All the partners in the network are leading payroll services providers in their home market.

The Payroll Services Alliance covers Europe, the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.

The current partners in the Payroll Services Alliance include: SD Worx (Western Europe), Ascender (Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East), Aditro (Northern Europe), Elanor (Central and Eastern Europe), F2A (Italy), and Seresco (Southern Europe). Via a network of subcontractors, the Payroll Services Alliance also delivers services in Africa and the Americas.

More on the Payroll Services Alliance.

Testimonial Chemical Company across EMEA

Payroll Services Alliance creates standardized payroll for chemical company across entire EMEA region.

The leading payroll service provider partnership, the Payroll Services Alliance worked with the chemical company to provide a three-stage solution. The Payroll Services Alliance  standardized an MSA to serve as an umbrella that reached the organization’s expectations for the EMEA region. 

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A Chemical Company across EMEA