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You can find numerous and diverse tools for HR and payroll management on the market. The key to growth is finding the tool that addresses your specific challenges. Rely on our applications and automated processes to closely monitor your payroll process and HR administration, avoiding redundant work and reducing the risk of human error.

Human error is common, but HR and payroll processes shouldnt be compromised, as the company will be at risk of fines and brand damage. By automating HR and payroll, organizations can be safe in the knowledge that their payroll isn’t at risk.

Alongside reducing error, automation can free up employees to complete the human tasks, leaving the mundane tasks to automated processes.

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Taking Control of your Global Payroll - an SD Worx Guide

In today’s digital age, there are significant technology market trends—and demands—facing HR and payroll professionals. These include: digitisation; machine learning; predictive analytics; compliance challenges including GDPR; and enhancing the employee experience.

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How working with an automated workforce will enhance the human employee

30 December 2018

Many fear their roles will be replaced by an intelligent robot that is more efficient and cheaper to employ. However, this is far from the case. SD Worx advocates the future of HR tech, but we also understand that you can never take the ‘Human’ out of Human Resources.

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Digital Dilemma: Why Payroll Companies Need to Embrace Digital

19 October 2017

Businesses in every industry have been affected by the way that we now rely heavily on technology. Technology is now a part of everything we do – both at home and work—and in order to stay relevant in today’s world, all industries must continue to be innovative and remain up to date with technological advancements, especially in the workplace. 

Here are three reasons why the HR and payroll industry needs to embrace digital.


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47 providers to 1: Global Paint Manufacturing Company and Distributor chooses SD Worx

Before working with SD Worx, the organisation had no standardised process for payroll and used 47 separate payroll providers across the world. This caused a lack of visibility, clarity and documentation to support the payroll process, and a high level of errors. Employee engagement was also very low and a key objective for this company was to encourage the use of Self-Service with “online payslips”, the first of many planned employee deployed services.

The company required a multinational payroll provider that could cater to all its worldwide employees, without the need to invest in and manage numerous providers and systems. To support this change, the company also decided to create regional shared service centres, which would enable them to work with SD Worx to provide regional support to its employee population

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The company was able to plan and coordinate its managed payroll services for all countries, which provides the standardisation of service that had been lacking
Global Paint Manufacturing Company and Distributor
Global Paint Manufacturing Company