Efficient staff planning

How do you make sure everyone works as efficiently as possible? You need a proper overview of presences and absences, absenteeism and turnover to assign the work in your organization as efficiently as possible. SD Worx can guide you through every step of this planning process on a short and long-term basis.

Do you know how many employees you require for certain tasks in your organization? Staff planning is important in all organizations, especially when it comes to controlling staff costs.
If employees are unaware of the amount of staff that is required to complete a certain job, then the company will likely either waste money employing too many people, or lose efficiency but understaffing. It’s a fine line, but is important to get right.

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A Global View

Benefit from Increased Visibility with Controlled Costs

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The Trusted Partner for your Existing Systems

Harmonize your existing systems with a trusted partner

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Reporting Capabilities

Real-time strategic reports without administrative burdens

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Protime: Optimize your HR processes with time registration

Get an overview of your staff availability and how much time your project takes, leading to smarter workforce management.

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Insights to Action


End of the payroll year: How technology can help you prepare

27 February 2018

The end of the payroll year is typically a very stressful time for payroll teams. With an extensive amount of tasks to be completed within tight deadlines, any mistakes can be costly.
However, the end of year process can be drastically simplified by engaging with tailored payroll software. This technology can be utilised to assist payroll professionals throughout the year, but how can it help payroll teams in April each year?

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Understanding the Power of Payroll Survey

Payroll is a vital part of any organisation and can inform HR leaders on various aspects of an employee's track record, from employee engagement, retention, to absenteeism and performance. Although payroll has power within an organisation, does the wider business leadership realise its potential? 

The SD Worx team commissioned an independent survey of 1,500 HR and payroll professionals in nine European countries: the UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland

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Testimonial Mercedes-Benz

Every month, an SD Worx employee comes to our offices to help us prepare and check our payroll. The calculations have to be done according to the rules of the head office in Stuttgart for more than 600 people with a great diversity of remuneration regimes. We outsourced this service to SD Worx a few years ago when a highly experienced HR employee left our organisation, forcing us to find a solution at short notice. SD Worx was that solution. After a short interruption, we are now working again with the same SD Worx employees. They’ve integrated right away because they know our organisation, allowing our HR staff to focus on other HR tasks. Besides, SD Worx will soon review these HR tasks and submit proposals for their optimisation. In fact, we experience that they have the right expertise in-house for that.


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They’ve integrated right away because they know our organisation, allowing our HR staff to focus on other HR tasks. Eric Bailleul Head of HR & Business Development Mercedes-Benz Luxembourg S.A.