Reporting Capabilities

Real-time strategic reports without administrative burdens

Takeaway the arduous task of reporting and opt for an easy, anywhere, anytime access to local or global payroll and HR data. Whether you need in-depth quality data for ongoing business reporting—or to gain insights of administrative report on any specific employee wherever they might be placed—SD Worx has a wide range of tools and services available.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Time resource saving
  • Easy to run reporting
  • User friendly

Our offer

  • Quick and easy look on administrative HR and payroll data
  • In-depth quality data for business reporting
  • Full cross-border integration between local markets
  • Provide additional level of business insights


No means to analyze your reports?

SD Worx’s global payroll and HR reporting application, Cubes, allows business to create real time strategic report per country and from a global view—without putting extra administrative burden on your subsidiaries or HQ. With real-time reports and easy comparison tools, Cubes has full, cross-border integration and ensures that businesses and HR teams can identify and fix any issues quickly.
To make collating reports easier, the ‘Consultation Module’ within Cubes uses the core payroll and HR data that is stored in each local system. Because of this, HR and payroll teams no longer need to ask HR colleagues around the world for details of a specific employee, you can easily consult them via the Consultation Module.
Whether it’s a basic, standard or more advanced HR reporting tool that you’re looking for, we can help.


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