Protime: Optimize your HR processes with time registration

Get an overview of your staff availability and how much time your project takes, leading to smarter workforce management.

How can you optimize and coordinate staff workloads? And how do you maximize the productivity of your staff and keep track of costs? With Protime you can smartly manage your workforce and streamline operations.

Protime’s Time & Attendance module is a modern time registration system that allows your employees to log or track their working hours in various ways. This provides a reliable base for your payroll, and offers useful insights for the cost effectiveness of HR processes. Capacity shortage can also be identified quickly and handled without delay. 

In addition, your employees will be able to manage their own time and absences via the Employee Self Service module, allowing your HR team to focus on more strategic tasks.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Payroll employees can immediately get started with the correct data
  • Gives more time for HR team to focus on strategic tasks
  • Provides extensive reports
  • Teams can gain insight on the cost effectiveness of processes
  • Avoid capacity issues

Our offer

  • User-friendly tool 
  • A smooth implementation
  • Support from a permanent contact person