Pulse: real-time surveys and feedback

Giving employees a say is a great way to reinforce their engagement. After all, committed teams are the key to achieving good results. With Pulse, you offer your employees the opportunity to give feedback at any time on their experience, their understanding of the targets they are meant to reach and collaboration among colleagues. The unambiguous reports created by Pulse provide you with a clear picture of what is right and what needs to be rectified, and you quickly adjust your approach accordingly.

Are you managing your team effectively and are your team members performing their assigned tasks? Is their collaboration efficient? Does everyone understand the objectives and strategy of the team and the organisation at large? With Pulse, everyone is on the same wavelength and you optimise the way teams work.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • you understand what your employees are experiencing. Not just once, but constantly and in real time;
  • you monitor the results closely via your team dashboard, making adjustments if necessary and quickly judging their impact on your team;
  • you offer your employees the opportunity to make their own suggestions to improve the teamwork
  • you ask the right questions about 7 topics which have been proven to help improve results;
  • you can add targeted questions, specific to your team’s context.

Our offer

  • a way to maintain the lines of communication with your employees open at any time and in a user-friendly way. As a result, they respond to your survey actively and with pleasure;
  • practice-based and scientifically sound advice, whose impact has been proven;
  • an intuitive web tool, available on PC, smartphone or tablet.