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The modern HR department is now an owner of invaluable business data. You can use this information to make empowered strategic decisions. SD Worx will also give you access to key data from your sector. Compare these data with your results to boost added value.

Gone are the days when HR departments simply paid employees and compiled personnel files. The payroll department is now the owner of valuable data than can be used to make strategic business decisions.
By collating and analyzing payroll data, HR teams and business leaders can make informed decisions, including employee engagement, attrition, and churn. Payroll is now much more than an administrative function.

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Half of HR professionals are unhappy with the state of HR analytics

24 January 2019

50% of HR professionals across Europe are dissatisfied with how HR analytics is currently prioritised within the industry, and only 9% are very satisfied. At a time when HR wants to play a more strategic role in the business, this represents a significant challenge for organisations.

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The Risks of Poor Payroll for Businesses

13 November 2017

A recent survey carried out by SD Worx revealed that out of 4,000 European employees surveyed, 44% had been paid late by their employers and 48% of those that had been paid late had also been paid incorrectly. The research exposes several risks for businesses associated with not paying their employees correctly: let’s explore the top three.

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Siemens PLM Software collaborates to create personalised payroll management for all European operations

SD Worx, a global HR and payroll service provider, worked with Siemens PLM Software to implement a strictly project-driven initiative. This enterprise was delivered through central program management for local implementations
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Siemens PLM Software’s main goals were to have one provider for the entire European territory, rather than multiple local vendors and multiple contracts.