A Global View

Benefit from Increased Visibility with Controlled Costs

A good visibility from above is sometimes all you need to decide where you need to be. Luckily, a global payroll solution can act as an umbrella across business functions and geographic regions. This can bring organizations reliable insights on global data and KPIs, with costs control and reduced complexity. Simply put, you’ll have increased visibility with controlled costs.

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Benefits for your organisation

  • Knowing your company’s HR health
  • You can identify issue quicker end ensure corrective measures
  • Ability to compare HR between geographic markets.

Our offer

  • Cross border integration
  • Global view on employee data
  • Global Reports
  • Coverage of 90+ countries in 5 continents

Need an overview of your payroll?

If you need increased visibility with controlled costs, SD Analytics might just be the solution you need. With data visualisation and a stunning dashboard, HR and payroll teams can explore local data with a global overview, with no confusing data. Analyzing HR data is important, and getting it right is crucial. 

In addition to SD Analytics, SD Worx’s global payroll and HR reporting application, Cubes, allows businesses to take away the complex task of crossborder manual reporting and provides you with easy, anywhere, anytime access to global payroll and HR data. With Cubes, you are able to map wage codes and currencies easily, which delivers invaluable information for future business planning. 
Cubes also delivers in-depth, quality data for ongoing business reporting, allowing you to follow up on payroll and HR KPIs whenever you want, wherever you want, and from any device


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