Az Damiaan - Dealing with a crisis situation as one team

SD Worx helped us enormously with all these complex support measures, amendments in social security and labour law, individual questions from employees and the translation into our payroll. We would like to thank SD Worx for their work.
Dirk Van de Velde HR Director Az Damiaan

Care and hospitals go hand in hand, but this usually relates to patient care. At Az Damiaan in Ostend, they extend this care to employees with the same focus. Az Damiaan regularly appears in the press with original employer branding campaigns . Of course, just the image of a caring, creative employer with 'a twist' is not enough. Without a supportive and established HR policy, this reputation would be in danger. During the first wave of coronavirus, the hospital showed that they have a solid foundation in this area. Chief HR Officer, Dirk Van de Velde, explains.

"No matter how many years of experience you had when the coronavirus crisis hit for the first time, it was a challenge for everyone. How could we create extra capacity while reducing anxiety, stress and absenteeism as much as possible? Especially, in terms of uncertainty about the gravity of the situation. Nobody had the answer. The only way to tackle this was as a group by coming up with solutions together, without the benefit of scientific evidence as a guide.

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