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Attractive salary packages, paid out correctly and on time

As an employer, paying your workforce is a critical business function – and “paying them right” is doubly challenging. This requires both offering your people competitive salary packages that meet their changing demands, and paying them correctly and on time, every time. With SD Worx, you can count on an efficient and legally watertight payroll and a flexible salary policy tailored to the needs of your workforce.

As an experienced and recognised payroll partner, SD Worx serves 70,000+ small and large organisations and calculates the salaries of approximately 4 million employees. Rely on our payroll applications and automated processes to closely monitor your payroll and HR administration, avoiding redundant work and reducing the risk of human error.

The easy-to-use SD Worx Assistant enables employees to request leave quickly and easily, enable or disable their out-of-office messages and view salary details. Our reward experts are standing by to assist you in developing a salary policy that is aligned with the market, flexible and fiscally optimised for your organisation and its employees.  

Benefits for your organisation

  • Inspire employee loyalty and trust through accurate pay and market-leading remuneration options. 
  • Boost employer branding with innovative salary practices such as flexible remuneration that enable your employees to tailor their salary packages to their needs. 
  • Boost productivity with automation and cloud technology. 
  • Offer valuable insights and simplify reporting with integrated payroll and HR analytics. 
  • Maintain a spotless compliance and data security record with the help of our local payroll consultants and robust software solutions. 
  • Rely on a single, trusted partner for global payroll services, streamlining the management of your entire employee population on an international level.  
  • A clear total cost of ownership.  

What we offer

  • A one-stop solution, adaptable to your growing needs and your choice of governance models, services and tools. 
  • A team of experienced payroll and HR professionals. 
  • User-friendly payroll applications that can be easily integrated with your current systems. 
  • Services tailored to your local or international needs, including SaaS solutions, managed payroll services and outsourcing. 
  • An integrated user experience that combines our services and technology. 
  • MyServicePoint, a case management solution platform that allows you to monitor and report on HR and payroll processes  
  • Legal advice and consultancy delivered by local experts. 
  • Reward consultancy and innovative tools to assist you in developing competitive, attractive and personalised reward packages. 

Making payroll work for your business

Payroll is an essential function in every business, affecting cash flow, productivity and profitability. Even more, payroll plays a vital role in your organisation’s culture. Without accurate, compliant, timely payroll, businesses could experience reputation harm, low employee engagement and high employee turnover.

However, payroll processing doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex – with an experienced local payroll partner. Trust SD Worx to handle your organisation’s payroll processing, employee benefits processes and accounting tasks such as tax withholding.

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Efficient, correct international employment solutions

Today’s increasingly globalised marketplace offers plenty of opportunities beyond national borders. When talent is posted to work abroad for a limited period or if your organisation hires a foreign national, it adds additional complexity to payroll administration processes. Rely on the expert advice and digital support of SD Worx in overcoming international employment obstacles. 

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International payroll

HR and payroll managers in international companies strive to add real business value by making data-driven strategic decisions, boosting the employee experience and ensuring that the basics are solid: delivering an accurate, compliant and timely global payroll. Unfortunately, they often face a daunting challenge: different processes and systems in each country require significant effort to report accurately on global payroll actuals.  Keeping up with legislation and compliance – and taking the right action in a timely way – is also extremely difficult. As the organisation expands, this task becomes exponentially more complex.

SD Worx can relieve this burden from your HR and payroll teams, enabling them to become strategic business partners.

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Legal compliance

Complex laws and regulations govern the relationships between employers and employees – and they differ from country to country. HR professionals must understand and navigate them to avoid fines and potential harm to the company’s reputation. Rely on the local expertise and governance model of SD Worx and reap the benefits of continuous compliance, anywhere in the world.

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Attractive, cost-efficient reward and compensation

Implementing a well-considered wage policy is a tricky balancing act. On one hand, an attractive reward package can transform employees into ambassadors. On the other, your wage policy must be cost conscious. SD Worx can help you design a salary package that exceeds employee expectations and meets every one of your financial requirements.

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Integrated international payroll: How Orange streamlines payroll calculations for local employees and expatriates

The acquisition by Orange transformed Mobistar into an international telecommunications operator. As a result, the company now has employees from over 46 countries. A special tax regime applies to these workers. Nathalie Villers, HR Legal Advisor at Orange Belgium: "Expatriate payroll management can be complicated and time-consuming. If there are fifty expatriates, you need to perform the same number of different payroll calculations. The My International Employment application makes that a thing of the past."
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The payroll details for all employees are entered in a single system. This saves time and increases efficiency.
Nathalie Villers HR Legal Advisor Orange Belgium

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