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Efficient, correct international employment solutions

End-to-end payroll assistance, advice and digital support for organisations with international employees 

Today’s increasingly globalised marketplace offers plenty of opportunities beyond national borders. When talent is posted to work abroad for a limited period or if your organisation hires a foreign national, it adds additional complexity to payroll administration processes. Rely on the expert advice and digital support of SD Worx in overcoming international employment obstacles. 

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Attracting foreign talent and grasping opportunities in other countries can be highly advantageous, but to do so, your organisation will have to manage complex legislation, separate payroll processes, strict privacy rules and difficult data management administration. 

A digitally driven HR partner with deep experience in international payroll can save time, money and effort and help your company avoid the pitfalls of legislative noncompliance.

Our solution 

SD Worx provides your organisation with advice, pay calculations and digital support in a unique, end-to-end solution for companies with international work forces

Our specialists guide your HR team at every step of the way to ensure that your international employment processes are on track. Rest assured that expat pay calculations, international payroll processes and salary splits will be handled seamlessly and in full compliance with all regulations. 

In Belgium, our My International Employment application enables international employees to easily manage their own travel data themselves, and once validated and approved, the data flows seamlessly into your payroll system. 

Benefits for your organisation

  • Guaranteed 100% regulatory compliance in all payroll processes. 
  • Zero error risk, thanks to seamless, automated data flows. 
  • Up to 15% time savings through integrated, streamlined processes. 

What we offer

  • Unique end-to-end solution, from legal analysis to payroll implementation and digital support.
  • Expert advice in four domains: social security, labour law, taxation and payroll administration.
  • Assistance in and outside of Europe through our own SD Worx offices and the Payroll Services Alliance.
  • A single, permanent, highly-skilled team that continuously monitors your payroll files.
  • A single, dedicated specialist to assist you.


Borealis ensures compliant cross-border employment thanks to international payroll provider's expertise

Foreign nationals working in Belgium, also known as expatriates, benefit from a special tax status. That means a lot of additional administration for their employers. Moreover, the subject matter is very complex. That's why Borealis called on SD Worx for help. 
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Our payroll calculations and tax returns were posing challenges due to the sharp rise in the number of cross-border cases. We sought and found a knowledgeable partner to support us.
Ingrid Sas Reward Specialist Borealis Group

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