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When it comes to payroll, international companies often face a daunting challenge: different payroll providers, processes and systems in each country require significant effort to report accurately on global payroll actuals. Keeping up with local legislation and compliance is also extremely difficult.


Europe’s leading provider of global payroll services

Rely on SD Worx to take care of your European and global payroll processes. We strive to support international organisations with their payroll operations by providing integrated multi-country payroll, seamless integration with Core HR and Time & Attendance software, global reporting capabilities and flexible service levels – in a single governance model.

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Benefits for your organisation



Gain simplicity

With a single contract, a central point of contact and harmonised service levels across the globe


Enhance employee engagement

By making sure that everyone is getting paid correctly and on-time and by living up to the digital expectations of employees


Make data-driven decisions

Relying on accurate cross-border reporting on headcount, finances and cost centres without manual work.


Ensure global legal compliance

With the support of our knowledge network providing consulting, training and advisory services delivered by local experts

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Professional support from certified local experts to avoid headaches

A centralised payroll team, a close local-to-local connection, or even a combination that is specific to your situation. With our responsive, certified payroll experts across 150 countries spread in 5 regions your team will always be helped within their local expertise. This way, you never need to worry about compliance.



Make faster business decisions with global consolidated reports with a local view.

Report on core-HR data and payroll cost faster without spending manual work. Make strategic decisions based on real time data. SD Worx’ global payroll and HR reporting application, provides multi-country consolidated reporting and analytics capabilities for global payroll visibility, insights and control.


Integrate with your current tools to avoid technical nightmares.

Use SD Worx’ multi-country Core HR to get a full end-to-end solution. Or maximize the return on investment of your current tools by benefiting from SD Worx’s pre-built integrations with leading HCM platforms, including SAP, SuccessFactors and Workday. SD Connect offers a single external connection between an international organisation’s global HRIS system and SD Worx’s local payroll engines.

Why SD Worx


With our 3 layered approach, we cover governance, services and tools in one integrated solution. This way, you have a solution that is adapted to your organisational needs without worrying about multiple contracts, different integrations or call-centers from countries you have never heard of during the sales conversations.


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SD Worx was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s July 2020 Market Guide for Multicountry Payroll Solutions. We are one of 21 companies worldwide to receive this honour.


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2 October 2020

In today’s business landscape, organisations are facing uncertainty as they plan for the future. With covid-19 pandemic turning the world upside down, Brexit that has caused political instability across Europe, the rapid development of new technologies and the lure of moving operations overseas to reduce costs, how can we navigate these turbulent times?

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Making Payroll work for your international business. A perspective on the state and direction of international payroll solutions and services.


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